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Hi! I'm Tan Rui Qing, a certified Notion Consultant based in Singapore. There's fewer than 50 of us globally. I'm also Lead of the Notion Singapore community and a Notion Ambassador since Jan 2020.

I’m looking for a full-time role as a Knowledge Management or Process Organisation Specialist. Experienced in the education, museum, cultural and tech industries.

I specialise in building centralised knowledge repositories, streamlining processes and reporting. At the same time, I have cross-functional knowledge in developing educational content, training and business development.

Referrals welcome and appreciated ❤️

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  1. Working within and across departments to architect, design and build a central Knowledge Management system. This can be done with an external consultant. Best done internally with someone familiar with the company.
  2. Gradually streamlining or automating processes using low-code tools, after working through the process "manually".
  3. Training colleagues on using the new tools, getting used to the new process and empowering them to make future enhancements.

If your company is rapidly expanding, a centralised Knowledge Management system and streamlining of processes would smoothen the expansion!


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